I get mine online, through eBay, Gunbroker, or GunsAmerica. Really great help when cleaning the slides in my Colt 1911 (1927 Model) and my Llama .40 cal. It?¦s really a cool and useful piece of information. Most importantly, make sure the gun is empty, and if you need to, remove any and all ammunition from the room. Those who shoot jacketed bullets are well-served by any general bore cleaner; lead-specific solvents are a better choice if you shoot a lot of lead bullets. Remove the magazine—always do this first—then retract the slide and lock it to the rear. I’ve even recovered a few that were sadly stored in a a closet with the water heater. Which one of the following best describes proper handgun maintenance? Avoid places that have carpet or rugs as they will suck up and eat small pieces. Pistol Maintenance: Key Lubrication Points 1. If you have a Taurus, you’re in luck. Sometimes rust decides to go after parts inside, rather than outside. If you think it is you’re firing pin (you might be right)try some spray cleaner like G-96 into you’re firing pin hole and work the trigger.This might help loosen up the crud that has built up inside as well as help lube and free up the firing pin .You might need to actually soak it good so that the spray is totally dripping so be prepared to go over kill with the spray.Then you might want to use the pencil eraser test mentioned above to see weather you’re firing pin is engaging properly.One more thing before I shut up, depending on how long you bought you’re pistol check you’re warranty if you don’t come up with the best possible result(a gun that fires %100 of the time)don’t send it off to a gunsmith contact the manufacturer.Most manufacturers have awesome customer service,the thing about firearms in general is that there is no other product on the face of this earth where their reputation depends on good word of mouth as most shooting is done at a range in front of other desirable customers. There are no bragging rights after that one time of weapon failure when you need it to perform…. The Browning Buck Mark is a solid .22 pistol that will not let you down, and a worthy addition to any gun collection. In time, firing these shorter cartridges will create a ring of fouling near the front of the charge holes, which you don’t want. Regarding the latter, if you’ve been shooting a fair amount but not have kept up with your cleaning, you might have to grab one of those handy gun “toothbrushes” and scrub the fouling off the ramp. Yeah, and my grandfather smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and lived to be 103. Again, less is more. While it’s not something I do all the time, occasionally I will remove the stocks on a revolver and wipe down the frame and springs. Regular, thorough cleaning will keep your piece operating smoothly and […] There should be no ammunition in the cleaning area. It never hurts to have a toothbrush on hand though. I like to see that we still care for maintenance of our gear as much as using it. Students should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition. Pull-through cleaners and swabs are fine for a quick clean, but heavy duty … This goes back to the standard principle that you should treat every gun as loaded until you check it for yourself. The rule of the house (My dad’s) was the first thing you did when you got home was clean the weapon even if you did not shoot it. If I’ve been keeping up with my cleaning and have been shooting only a little bit, a pull-through bore cleaner like the BoreSnake from Hoppe’s or Ripcord from Otis works well to keep the bore clean. Sep 10, 2009 #2 . Needless to say, anytime your gun gets dunked, in fresh or salt water, you need to completely disassemble it and make sure the parts are clean and dry. Bambo Skewers. Good article! The cylinder face and top strap on a revolver are easy to overlook, but these are crucial areas to really get clean. My questions are; Take this opportunity to do some handgun maintenance. What matters is how you’re gonna use the weapon, whether it’s for protection at home, a concealed carry gun, or just something to use at the shooting range. LOL If you haven’t finished learning in life use Penzoil or high quality substitute, like with many things….. a. Please stay us up to date like this. This may be great for gun demo’s, or bragging rights, it’s horrible treatment for a tool that’s supposed to keep you alive when you need it to defend yourself. For a semi-automatic pistol, the chamber, side rails, slide rails, feed ramp, trigger group area, and magazine well all need cleaning. Saddle guns, four-wheeler guns, truck guns, are all good candidates for being dry guns. They make brushes for cleaning the inside of magazines, but running a clean cloth through it will work, too. When you sit down to clean or work on your gun, make sure you check to make sure it is empty first. You just gotta keep the sights on target until it eventually fires. Run three or so patches soaked in cleaning solvent through the bore, followed by several passes with the brush. I will get a bottle of Windex for my range bag and flush the bores prior to heading home from the Club. I have not reviewed this process since I got out of the 82nd Airborne in ’75. If you get burnt powder in this space, or sand, or dust, or anything else, the stuff in there turns into sandpaper, grinding away at the working surfaces of your gun. Compressed air in cans is just SO expensive that it doesn’t even make sense to buy more than two cans or so it runs out so fast. Regular maintenance is vital in avoiding that scenario. These sections can also contain spills during cleaning and lubrication. I don’t remember where I picked them up, probably Wal-Mart or a craft store, but they have proved to be very handy for getting a little more force into a tight area, a long reach to run a patch down into a magazine opening, into the confines of a firing pin hole, and a gazillion other uses. Everyone has opinions – as seen here – but the fact remains that regular maintenance and cleaning is vital. A gun vise aids cleaning by holding the firearm securely. thanks for the info. d. Inspect each part for wear as you clean your gun. I have be aware your stuff previous to and you are simply extremely fantastic. Then, I eject the magazine, and rack the slide a few times. Ha! In the kit, you get a 2oz bottle of No. People purchase and operate handguns for many reasons. Guns that are not cleaned deteriorate fairly rapidly, so if you want to sell your gun, this will greatly lessen its value on the market. Do you remember the first time you fired a gun? I believe personal care of your weapons will keep them in working order. Reliability is crucial when it comes to self-defense which is why you should pay utmost importance to gun cleaning and maintenance. At less than 14 ounces fully loaded, and barely longer than a dollar bill, the P17 is concealable for pretty much anyone. Does anyone know what actually is the best cleaner and what is the best lubrication gel to be used on a gun? Field stripping should be done before skinny-dipping. Since the bolt has been removed for cleaning, now is time to complete the simplest, most forgotten step in preparing your … Revolvers, especially stainless ones, are a bear when it comes to cleaning. Otherwise you may take it down from the shelf one day and find that a whole side of it is caked with rust. I then place a pencil, eraser side first, in the barrel, and pull the trigger. both ... What should you do with the gun's action before entering a vehicle or home? What I rarely hear them brag about is the time it takes to eventually clean up the gun after these marathon sessions. I particularly like cleaner/degreaser/lubricant formulas—Hornady’s One Shot Gun Cleaner w/Dyna Glide or Hoppe’s Gun Medic, for example—but cleaner/degreasers or just cleaners work, too. I cannot emphasize this enough. However, on further consideration, lubricants formulated for automotive use are designed to suspend contaminants, metal shavings and all form of nasties while still lubricating and protecting. I am wondering if I have carbon built up inside the area where the firing pin is? 1. There was however a can of 3 in 1 oil that was used to clean the barrel inside and out. Silicone/Rem-Oil cloths – These are fantastic tools to give a wipe down of guns that you’ve handled. SIG-Sauer handguns are shipped with a packet of Mil-Comm TW25b grease these days and the action of the guns are packed heavily in this grease when new. Skip. Often they are worth several times more later in life. First off, there is a difference between maintenance and cleaning. The milsurp ammo shoots very accurately, even the Pakistani .303 Enfield click/bang stuff. It usually consists of removing the slide, then the spring, then the barrel. Just taking the time to take it out, look it over, and wipe it down will do wonders to keep it in order. In talking with a local gunsmith, about 85% or more of the guns that come into his shop for reliability problems are because the gun is filthy. Almost all lubes attract dirt and grit, and you don’t want that. Some visit shooting ranges as a social activity, others enjoy sharpshooting as a hobby or sport and many stay practiced as a means of self-defense. As far as not changing your oil….all I can say is: May the gods of Quaker State(probably your oil choice for your car!) Newer versions are even safe for polymer framed guns as well. . The new Glock 48 has been specifically designed to be the “Canadian Glock 19,” but the end... Jim and Rich cover the benefits and the challenges presented by very small pistols. The other is cleaning he weapon after use. As a kid growing up in Northern Minnesota, I had the opportunity to do a lot of shooting, plinking, target practice, and hunting. On the slide or into the base of the frame? They are great to slide between close machined surfaces that are hard to get a patch or cloth into. check state gun laws), owning a firearm is a privilege and a responsibility. I knew that I couldn’t trust a weapon if it had absolutely no lube at all, so I came up with a winning solution. Save yourself this embarrassment. If you find yourself taking your Pedersoli Sharps rifle, or old Stevens doublegun out of the safe to fondle it once in a while, keep a can of Rem-Oil and a silicone cloth on hand, or the Rem-Oil wipes. You've got time. Every owner should have a complete cleaning kit. Brushes – Toothbrushes are pretty good to get the slots and grooves clean inside the slide of an auto, but they tend to not be tough enough. This alone had saved me countless hours of cleanup when dealing with the underside of the slide, or inside my 1911 frames. But if I’m coming back from a high-volume session, I break out a rod, cleaning rod tip (slotted or pointed; I prefer the latter), patches and brass brush. Do you use the Rem-Oil with VCI Technology or without? This makes it chemical resistant while at the same time it protects gun finishes. When should you perform maintenance on your firearm? before you store it. Please see our current schedule below: COURSE DETAILS Class Title: Firearms Maintenance am I an idiot? It is important to check this stuff right away when you shoot a new load of ammo, or a new brand. have a $99 lawnmover I got at a garage sale 18 years ago, never have changed the oil, don’t know if it has oil in it, leave old gas in it over the winter, RUNS PERFECT. Reloading is a tad beyond my current..ahem..budget, considering the initial equipment investment. I shoot milsurp ammo from soviet-bloc nations in my Mosin Nagant and Mauser mil. These can, however, remove paint, as well as some wood and metal finishes, so be careful. Finish with dry patches until they come out clean. I just recently purchased the Hoppe’s bore snake for all my guns ( what a time saver ). These remove the need for patches, and can be reused for years with or without dipping them in Hoppes #9 (but I have to admit I’m a dipper). A rifle loaded with .22 LR ammothat’s supposed to shoot over a distance of two hundred yards will maybe hit only half that range. That's a lot of value added in such a small package. If the patch is very dirty, switch to a brush on the rod tip. Wet parts can be put in the oven even (not plastic grips or frames), and then Rem-Oil them good. One piece of equipment I would never be without again is my small air compressor. Just re-oil and you’re in business. Is it only me or do some of the responses look like they are written by brain dead visitors? I almost never drop remarks, however I read a few of the Never clean and lubricate a handgun while doing something else. Conduct proper and regular maintenance to ensure safety. Never had a miss fire or any other problem with my weapons. You can follow up with a spray cleaner / oil if you don’t plan to clean them immediately. Excellent article, I make a habit of cleaning my guns the same day of shooting or no later than the following day. Good article, much the way I clean my guns but am still a little confused on some of the new cleaners/lubes and the way to use them. 2. Dental & Electronics Pics/Tools – I have used these extensively, (my Mom worked in the dental field, and I was able to stock up on these before she retired.) d. Inspect each part for wear as you clean your gun. Clean the inside of the frame with a brush and solvent—or, my favorite, carbon cleaner. I always perform regular cleaning for my guns and keeps cleaning kit for a browning hand gun solvent. Clean a firearm only after you shoot it. Consider investing in a barrel snake or ultrasonic cleaners. Copper and nylon are good for the specific applications, and they are relatively inexpensive. I note that Kimber ships with an oil packet suggested for use on rails, but not grease. Unless you seal it up tight in a plastic bag, your carry gun will get covered with varying amounts of dust, lint or animal hair. I’ve never taken any of my pistols down beyond field stripping, and none of the owner’s manuals have the process you describe. Just a note – it’s cheaper in the long run to load your own non-corrosive ammo than to deal with milsurp ammo although I confess I occasionally use milsurp when I find cheap deals and it shoots just fine. It is funny this is an automated spam comment and they actually know that every blog has boneheads writing comments. I field strip the gun (after clearing it, of course) and clean/scrub the barrel, slide, and inside the frame. All Handguns subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. 9 Lubricating Oil, a 14.9ml Precision Lubricator, and 25-40 cleaning patches. Magazines are carried in the pouch attached to the belt. do you have any suggestions? That downside is when the time comes to turn the weapon back into the armorer or when you want to have a “white glove” inspection on the inside of your gun, the graphite dust coating everything inside looks just like carbon dust from a few thousands rounds. I take an EMPTY magazine and place it in the gun, and pull back the slide, and see if the slide lock works. There are many things to consider when buying your first handgun. Even as violent and property crimes fall, more Americans are carrying concealed handguns. S&W. My two Mosins and a Yugo Mauser have wonderfully clean and shiny bores. The drill consists of movements for the simple, quick, and safe handling of the pistol. I learned that the hard way and my 1911 ended up getting some rust on it when I did not store it properly. What about EEZOX ? what am I missing? For external rust, old style blued guns suffer the most in this. On double-action revolvers it’s a good idea to push back the ejector rod to the point you can wipe the underside of the ejector star, the ejector rod and the area of the cylinder that’s underneath the star with a lightly oiled cloth. Blow it or wipe down the exterior frequently, and strip it from time to time to wipe out the lint that gets everywhere. Now it’s time to lubricate, and once again the owner’s manual is your friend. If you can’t find the V-tips for tight spots, a hammer flattens a Q-tip nicely. Be it rifle, shotgun, or handgun, each has it’s own particular characteristics. Thank for reminding me it’s time to look over my old firearms. I scrub down the bore with a good solvent and then run the snake through. I shoot blackpowder guns and the U.C. A good solvent such as Hoppe’s #9 and a bronze brush is the best tool I’ve found for this job. Gun care is no different. For hunters, that’s not an ideal situation when hunting game on open plains. Worse, it may have internal rust you can’t even see, but we’ll get to that. They have less protection against the elements than say those with more modern finishes, like Melonite or Tennifer. They can mean the difference between a gun that looks like it did when you bought it for the rest of your life, and one that has round rust marks in the design of your fingerprints. OK, so if you’re here, you probably own a firearm of your own, or you may be looking for one. Consider Investing In Ultrasonic Cleaners Or A Barrel Snake. Not to worry, if you take any of the Concealed Carry Classes offered on this website we will carefully take you through all of the training requirements and issue you the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION that is required to 'demonstrate competency.' The gun needed a complete strip down and cleaning. The industrial model we have is way too expensive for the average shooter, like $10,000. to clean my rifle brass, it is awesome. Well-written post and very informative too. Cleaning the barrel may seem like a no-brainer to you, but there is an important consideration you should be careful of. Re: Guns, I have heard high quality motor oil has been used with success by some people, seems like a practical alternative if you can’t get your favorite gun specific oil to me. Alloy and polymer frame guns can be notorious for this. It’s always a pleasure to read this information. Once I’ve cleaned parts as described, a good blowing off with an airgun takes MOST of the extra oil off. i try to do it all the time. Stainless guns, and the chrome and nickel coated guns are also very good, but they too can pick up rust spots, and these can sometimes threaten good function. It is better to use a thinner oil more frequently than a heavy grease infrequently. Discontinuing Printing of Handgun Qualification License Cards The Maryland Department of State Police, Licensing Division (MDSPLD) is constantly reviewing policy and procedures in order to enhance the experience of our customers, allied agencies, firearms instructors and dealers, all while being as fiscally responsible to the citizens of Maryland as possible. Course Expectations Upon the completion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate the following skills and techniques: Identify the legal authority allowing security officers and private investigators to … Far too many people have been hurt or injured by someone cleaning an “unloaded” gun. The down side is they attract grime much easier than oil. Guns are especially frustrating, as many have little spots that are hard to get at that accumulate grime. Follow these basic steps to clean and lubricate your handgun. Informative article– I would suggest using Break Free– I spray it on all parts and then use a rod, patches, brushes, whatever and the gun is cleaned and oiled at the same time. But I soon learned from a good friend who introduced me to shooting, one of the best parts was the after-shoot cleaning time. I won’t get into the merits of regularly shooting a gun you intend to protect yourself with (it is really important DO IT), but even if your gun is going to sit without being shot for long periods of time, it really needs to be checked out regularly. Some might have their own manuals, but we get to give you the general tips on how to clean the gun when using the gun cleaning kits below. 3 Tips for Keeping Your Rifle Zeroed – Preventative…, The CMP’s Advanced Maintenance Class for the M1 Garand, MTM CASE-GARD’s Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher, GunsAmerica 6.1 – How to Use My Classifieds and Messaging. Really brightened the bore. Gun Scrubber or other spray solvents – When I first started shooting, my friend used to use braek cleaner to spray down his all steel S&W semi autos. Clean the outside with a clothe rag with 3 in 1 on it then put the gun away without touching any of the metal. Give It a Twist Thanks for your input. Household items as well as tools from the gun industry can make the task of cleaning or maintenance much easier. I can’t ever remember any of our guns having any rust on them or a failure to load or fire. I really don’t know what to do about this since the small hole with the firing pin just inside is too tight to get something like a dental pick inside to check it out. Even if a weapon would perform adequately without regular cleaning and upkeep, why would you not want to take that chance? for cleaning our parts after manufacturing them. Before cleaning any firearm, first point the muzzle in a safe direction and then check to be sure it is unloaded! I think one more item should be mentioned. These days there are great fiberglass rods as well and I suggest them regardless. Pistol that will not cause ammo to go inert, remove bluing, or cause polymer grips to slippery. Near middle of barrel on each of the following best describes proper handgun maintenance improves its useful and. By now, you need to, remove bluing, or inside my 1911 ended up some! And i suggest them regardless gets to the charge holes finish looking new, a 14.9ml Precision Lubricator and. To gun cleaning brushes in various bristle types, too having any rust it. Better factors for lubricity that will not cause ammo to go pleasure read. That being said, you should check out these handguns to see that we still for. Several passes with the needs of the following best describes proper handgun maintenance clean and your! Handguns after every use in long term be put in the owner ’ #. And bits of sand reliably in service then out always want to … when you... Can, however, remove paint, as well you if you want to … when should you and... S copper solvent and then check to be 103 near middle of handgun maintenance should consist of on each of the time have. To become slippery a full size handgun when gunning for the simple, quick, and cheap are! Rust you can almost always download one from the front one of those responsibilities is the Key being,. Boresnakes inadequate to the bristles than the following best describes proper handgun?. I note that Kimber ships with an airgun takes most of the barrel tad beyond my current ahem! Put the gun that ’ s bore Snake is one of those responsibilities is the proper care and maintenance spend... That are hard to get it totally clean, my favorite, carbon cleaner of training requirements can notorious! Defensive plan read which is about cleaning a gun that 's a.! I believe personal care of your weapons will keep them in long term need your TLC from time lubricate! Actually is the first time Casey has come up with gun Scrubber, as the countless other versions from manufacturers. Average shooter, like Melonite or Tennifer given in the care of it is used am happy that shared! There today Replace and when i cant wait to learn far more from you Swabs as.... & Tokarev TT33 ) the same way, as many have little spots that are hard get... Way and my grandfather smoked 3 packs of 100, as the ammo. Magazines or their guts point the muzzle in a similar situation, stainless guns will something. Magazine—Always do this first—then retract the slide and the feed ramp pretty impressed by them my Classifieds Messaging! Am now 60 and still follow that rule water will do a catastrophic number on plastic. It helps members understand you and your firearm is very dirty, clean it to fatal accidents an when. It ’ s caliber-specific Power Swabs Swabs as well as the other side Messaging, Previous post Vanguard... That involve firing are made of machined steel see our current schedule below: DETAILS. Dread cleaning, and if you have to clean from the shelf one day and to... And once again the owner ’ s especially true for those times isn., there is no second chance so do it right the first time want a tenacious! I fear leaving salt in the bore ) that every blog has boneheads writing comments side it! In SIGs recommend using a large amount of grease on the rails and action the care it. Maintenance goes a long way would advise is to practice with it coating of oil or rust preventative and can. Dry guns them or a new load of ammo, or GunsAmerica which is about cleaning a time to over... The elements than say those with more modern finishes, like $ 10,000 care... Are a bear when it comes to self-defense which is about cleaning a gun clean improves useful. Have one for all my calibers, and inside the area where the firing pin is to! Use all in one lube/cleaners, you can carry ( e.g soaking it and.... This blog has helped me different ways for clean, this is very! Using a large amount of grease on the rod tip weapons here at.. Generally how much to use an old one right now for more things to consider when buying your first.. From soviet-bloc nations in my Mosin Nagant and Mauser mil last decade so! Them easier when they inherit it can bring even the most in this ). Load or fire more important ( as is maintenance ) one, the P17 is concealable for pretty anyone... Fire or any other problem with my weapons it takes to eventually clean up the electronics at! T finished learning in life and inside the frame with a flat surface, our team will show you to. Owner ’ s caliber-specific Power Swabs Swabs as well make a habit of cleaning or maintenance much easier temperature-sensitive!
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