This is a great option for users who need to make extensive use of simulation tools, including time-based motion and linear stress analysis. Solidworks available in 3 Packages- SolidWorks Standard , The Professional suite , The Premium suite: SolidEdge Is available For Students .Academic version is free: Solidworks Academic Version is not free . AutoCAD doesn’t have a “professional” edition. An extensive list of SolidWorks Standard features consist of: 2D Drawings: Create 2D drawings that are ready for production and will communicate how the design will be manufactured and assembled. SolidWorks comes in three packages namely; Standard, Professional, and Premium. SOLIDWORKS Premium adds powerful simulation and design validation to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional, plus reverse engineering, and advanced wire and pipe routing functionality. SolidWorks Premium, the most expensive tier, includes the full gamut of possible features. This annual maintenance fee is optional. Also any comments about Routings would be appreciated. Any information is greatly appreciated. Fusion 360 is only available via monthly, annual, or Tri-annual subscriptions, and costs $495/year. After clicking Download and Modify, the Installation Manager will download and install the additional modules for use the next time you open SOLIDWORKS. Checkout the short video describes the differences between SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium 3D CAD configurations. ScanTo3D tools, available in SOLIDWORKS Premium, import mesh and point cloud data from which you can create surfaces and solid models. ( they offer very Less Charges for student version) SolidEdge Is Costly Than Solidworks… SOLIDWORKS Professional includes standard tools like libraries of common parts and fasteners, as well as advanced features to automatically estimate manufacturing costs, help convert imported geometry, and search for design errors. Standard, Professional, & Premium – Solidworks comes in “Standard,” “Professional,” and “Premium” categories. The company I am working for is pondering the idea of purchasing a couple seats of premium to use the routing feature. Licenses cost between $4000 and $8000. Each version can be purchased with an annual maintenance plan that will give you access to support and upgrades. SolidWorks Premium Product Selection. 3D Animations and Basic Rendering: Easily and quickly create animations and images to represent the design functionality and intent. Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium SolidWorks Professional with 1-year subscription service – $6,985 SolidWorks Premium with 1-year subscription service – $9,990 SolidWorks Simulation Standard with 1-year subscription service – $4,990 Professional Subscription – Solidworks Professional: $5490 for the license and $1495 for the maintenance fee. 3D CAD Modeling: Increase efficiency, reduce expenses … That wraps up how to upgrade SOLIDWORKS to Professional or Premium. I was just curious as to some of the other advantages to purchasing Premium vs Professional. Difference between SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Standard The Summary screen will allow you to decide the locations of the additions to the software. The additional features of Solidworks Premium include Photorealistic Rendering, Part Libraries, Circuit Works, PDM Standard, Cost Estimation, and Advanced Simulation.
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