. today, (1-8-18) and couldn’t find them. We believe that old fashioned candies taste so much tastier when shared with a friend. Neapolitan Coconut Strips Neapolitan Coconut Strips. The ones I liked the least were the jelly nougats. Dear brach’s these candies were in fact my favorite and have always brought back memories withy father who passed, back in 2002 and just remebing how he would always buy these for me and we would sit in our front porch…. Sincerely, Amanda Vangalis. These were recently highlighted on the Food TV Network. Hot Weather Protection Value Package - 1 Unit, Fragile Candy Protective Packaging - 1 Unit. There were many more but we wish you would bring them back. These were recently highlighted on the Food TV Network. Open Nav. Brach's yummy, chewy Salt Water Taffy in an assortment of colors and flavors. I loved these so much! Please bring the “pink white and brown” candy back! Pretty please. Maybe the current board members can pull their heads out and make a smarter decision. Please bring these back . Please bring this candy back its my favorite!!!!!! Please bring these back!!! These really need to make there way back ASAP. It would be a detriment to society if you didn’t. I have been looking for these for quite some time now! How are ratings calculated? PLEASE!!! I still remember in the late 90s when you discontinued brach’s chocolate-covered cherries. now I know why!! Brach's Candy Corn is the number one selling candy corn product in the United States. Thanks for the opportunity to say this. Each bite size piece has the Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors are made with real coconut. it had 4 layers at first. The Neapolitan Coconut Candy was always the first thing that I grabbed and put into my bag. loaf pan with waxed paper; set aside. I’ve been searching and searching for one of my favorite candies…the Coconut Sundae :). BRACHS LISTEN TO YOUR CONSUMERS. Pretty please with sugar on top! Thanks for sharing your comments and let us hope that clearer mids prevail. I have very fond memories with these delicious candies. The whole bin of different Brachs candies; these, the various flavors of caramels, the butterscotches, etc. Researched and found where they were discontinued in 2012 ! As an adult they became my favorite. by Brach's. You should not rely solely on the information presented here. Find your favorite Brach's Candy products at a store near you, or at your favorite online store. 99 ($0.47/Ounce) The bin in the store was always low and many times empty. Delight your family and friends this fall season, and celebrate those special moments with Brach's candy. It’ a little disappointing. Please let me know, I would love to be able to offer it to my customers. Having been in the candy business for many decades, we often wonder why classic candies disappear. Brach’s why are you destroying our lives and childhood memories ? Bring them back. Now I have learned that they have been discontinued and I am heart broke. Sometimes change is not good…this is one of them, Brach you suck how can my grandkids these the best ever candy please bring them back. For this project I used: 12 oz. I have been searching and searching and now I know why I can’t find these yummy coconut squares that I loved to eat when I was young. Bring them back. Here it is September and we all still haven’t got back our favorite candy. Conversation Hearts. Please bring them back! ! I have been searching for these for a few months at the stores. They kind of grossed me out, like the candy version of a fruitcake or something. on October 5, 2012. in cooking. EVERYONE IS BEGGING YOU TO BRING THIS LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN BACK!!! Your other candies are good, but this one brings a special happiness with it. It’s time to get busy making them again. It’s been eight very long years without these delicious nuggets of coconut goodness. Give the Gift of Hard-to-Find Candies from the Past. Thank you for your time to please read and consider this . Please bring them back! Still on the beach this week, so I’m bringing back another oldie, but goodie. It is mostly associated with Halloween, but can also be bought year round, though it is subject to seasonal availability.It is available in a wide variety of flavors such as Pumpkin Spice, S'mores and Caramel. Close-up Brachs Sundae's Neapolitan Coconut Candy. Your customers are begging you, please I beseech you please. Product description. The Coconut Neapolitans were my absolute favorite! I craved that candy through my pregnancy. Don’t take candy from ‘baby boomers’. I remember picking all of these out of a bag of candy my father bought for all of us 6 kids and I would always hide and sneak one into my mouth when things were going really bad with us… I sure hope you reconsider and bring these pieces of heaven back@!! Then the lightbulb moment….check the web, led me to this disappointing news. Duh!! Please bring them back. This little piece of Americana should be available for children of all ages today! Please bring these delicious candy back. This was going to be a fond memory of her. Freaking FINALLY. I just looked it up because I was missing my grandma and they remind me of her, but they are gone! Top reviews. No one makes a comparable coconut candy anywhere like this, was my favorite, and I probably had the cavities to prove it growing up. Hi. He has been gone now for over a decade. All of your candy is great! Please bring these back, I miss these so much! But you’re wrong. I’ve been searching for years to find them . You can’t imagine how many people request or remember these tri-colored candies. I love them. I loved these coconut candies….I used to just take one at the stores snd eat it while my parents were grocery shopping. In a medium sized pot, combine the white chocolate, the sweetened condensed milk, butter, salt, and vanilla extract and melt over medium heat. I HOPE YOU ARE LISTENING!!! Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes - 9 lb. I never thought that day at Kroger’s would be the last time I tasted that sweet nostalgic treat. Now that I’m 60 years old and invisible (lol) I don’t diet anymore. BRING BACK PICK A MIX . After all, a piece of candy isn't just a yummy sweet--it's a way to revisit the past, remember the good old days, and just maybe make new memories, too. 2 Lbs. Please bring them back. So stock up now and hide them well. I have some really awesome childhood memories of these candies. Promise to buy even more!! If you like coconuts, you will love these! Its such a shame my grandkids can only be told of this delicious treat but will never experience it for themselves. These are my 79 year old mother & myself favorite coconut candy. Please consider bringing them back. BRACH'SÂ Sundaes Neapolitan Coconuts are candies that look like Neapolitan Ice Cream. Please bring these back. Right out of the bulk section. Now you can enjoy three great flavors with sweet creamy coconut. I would go and use my baby sitting money to buy a bag of these plus the white nougat with jelly in them. OMG PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! I only learned the name of these recently, Ive been searching for yearrs like the holy grail for these candies, i mean all over. They are the ones buying your products and to not respond us just bad business. As a kid, these were always around when we went to my grandmas house. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. best candy ever. I use to eat these with my grandmother when I was just a little girl. I remember buying these from Kroger’s 18 yrs ago. I love the jelly nougat and the choc. 279 sold. They were among the original candies offered by Brach’s, and have always been made from real coconut. please bring this candy back. Bring these candies back like now!! Please bring them back!! 1-800-322-6391 Contact Us What a poor business decision to discontinue this popular candy favorite! https://www.ferrarausa.com/contact-us.html. Awwww, got to have these candies! I live in Indianapolis and I called my father in Phillips Wisconsin to ask if he would like us to bring anything for him when we come to visit. So when I went to look for my favorite candy I found they didn’t make them anymore. From SweetServices.com Americas bulk online candy store. I’ve been looking all over, different stores for these Candy’s! You open your freezer, lift the lid off the carton, and wail in disgust. They said it had been several years since they received any but told me their name. . Please bring it back. I thought they were regional. It was awesome how they had big piles of them in the grocery store with a coin box. This was our special treat together . We could share are stories of our mothers and grandmothers buying and giving this best Brach’s Candy Ever Made. ***Crave no more!!! Don’t let it happen to you! 4 layers to 3 layers and now. They made my heart smile!!! The WORLD loved them!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!! Would also love to see them back in the stores!!!! Please BRING THEM BACK, the best candy ever , now I’m pregnant and dieing for a neapolitan coconut candy, always the best is taken out of the market, so sad..:'(, please bring these back! Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Established in 1904, Brach's Candy is one of America's oldest candy manufacturers, making Brach’s Hard Candy as well as exceptional seasonal items for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentine's Day. Starbrite mints can only be tolerated so much! I Love Love Love It My Favorite… please bring it back, just like it use to be PLEASE. As a company if you ever do the right thing and bring this candy back. *tounge and belly are sad”. Please bring them back . Pretty please with coconut on top? Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes are candies that look like Neapolitan Ice Cream. Each is individually wrapped and packaged in a 7lb bag. Either way, it’s a prize possession for the coconut fanatics. Not only was it my favorite candy as a kid, I also have sweet childhood memories of the candies. We’ve got them in stock (and on sale!) No problem, just use the Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundae Hard Candy nutrition facts serving size tool to the right. - Candy Favorites Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes are one of the best candies for coconut lovers. Coconut (with sodium metabisulfite for color retention), Corn Syrup, Sugar, Chocolate Liquor (processed with alkali), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Contains 0.5% or Less of the following: Strawberry Emulsion (propylene glycol (a humectant), sugar, modified corn starch, natural and artificial flavor, red 40, caramel color, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservatives)), Pink Shade (high fructose … by Susan Myers. BRACH'S Sundaes Neapolitan Coconuts are candies that look like Neapolitan Ice Cream. I bet if Brach’s decided to bring them back out they’d sell out instantly!! My grandfather and use to get these every time we went to town. It’s the end of an era. Neapolitan Coconut Slice Candy Bars (Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry-striped moist coconut 1.65 Ou… Why in the world would they get rid of these? They were a nickel apiece. We’ve got them in stock(and on sale! Now I find they are discontinued, that is a bunch of crap. Brach’s Coconut Neapolitan Sundae. Pink coconut Old Photo. Showing 1-4 of 4 reviews. I want my grandchildren to have the same great memories! 20 3/4" x 13 3/4" and is suitable for framing. All reviewers. ARE YOU KIDDING? They were the best candy you make!! Butterscotch would be my favorite among that group. I do not do business with companies that ignore their customers!! He asked for Circus Peanuts and Neapolitan Sundaes. I, and others I’m sure, would not hesitate to enjoy these special treats once again!!! These were the best. My Mother is no longer living but whenever I would eat these candies, I felt like she was near me every time. This vintage magazine ad for Brach's Candy depicts a clown with a variety of candy in different bowls. We will back you up on your endorsement. i can’t believe you are getting rid of another one of my favorite candys. Just look at all the comments. while a back wall of your iconic candy, you can set up stores in universlstudios East and west coast, strip in Vegas, New York City, South Riverwalk in San Antonio….list goes on and on. For other great options check out our Coconut page Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes are candies that look like Neapolitan Ice Cream. dear robin, responce I know right. They weee the best!!? It’s an old fashioned neapolitan coconut slice (bar, not cubes) made by the name “Candy farm” … Google it! I’ve been searching everywhere for these . That’s like McDonald’s discontinuing the BigMac!! Hi, I am Sabrina Woliver and when I was a little girl my Aunt Gloria use to keep a Candy Dish full of Brock’s candy and this Neapolitan was one of my Favorites!!!!! Apparently brachs has shown it’s true colors taking a product off the shelf is one thing not replying to customers wow all I can say is if its a brachs candy I won’t buy got no time for a company that doesn’t even reply to customers, I’m laying here in bed and it’s like I could taste the Neapolitan Coconut Sundae on my tongue so I got on the internet to Google who still sales them and I find out that they have been discontinued since 2012!!! So went looking for my other favorite the coconut sundaes. Then while you slave away at work, your deadbeat roommate (or son, or husband) sneaks a scoop every few hours. I promise you…the baby boomers will buy this candy…and there are a lot of baby boomers out there! The only problem you’ll have then will be deciding whether to eat one flavor at a time or bite across the strips of color. Beat in egg and vanilla. These delicious candies made some of our lives rich in loving memories , we want the opportunity to share these dear hearted memories to our children and allow them to share with there children, never stop making and selling it . And just … I can’t believe they are gone for whatever reason, I agree such a poooooooor decision. For all of us it was a childhood candy we all grew up on and our kids have had. I remember these candies they were wonderful and unbelievable. Close-up Brachs Sundae's Neapolitan Coconut Candy. Bring the candies backs selfish manufacturers!!!!! Why would you stop making such a popular candy? Please try again later. Listen to your customers. ! Rating: 3.02 stars 42 Ratings. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. In May of this year, I opened a nostalgic candy store in Bonham, Texas. You'll want to bring some home for your family, today. All of these comments, and not a single reply from the company!?! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They ARE so good! Candy Intro My video game gallery is the most comprehensive I've done, but my time spent with candy also produced a rather complete archive of photos. Other’s just don’t compare !! I was looking for this candy, to hear that it is discontinued is so sad. I finally decided to search online only to discover they have been discontinued. Many of us miss these! They reminded me of my favorite three stripe coconut candy bars. I loved those candies. Please bring back the Brach’s sundaes Neapolitan coconut candies, I miss them , they were my favorite! Pleeeease bring them back!!!!!! You know how it goes. All I can say is PLEASE bring back these candies! Count me in as a sucker for my childhood. Can still remember when the markets had displays of the Brach's candy throughout the year, where you can pick whatever flavors you wanted and paid by the pound (I especially liked the "neapolitan coconut" and the "royals" ones...brings back memories). Hi I read the responses to this sad ending to my favorite candy. , I can’t believe after brach sold u this company u stopped producing this awesome candy shame on u. Santa always brought these in our stocking growing up. Both my favorites. Please consider bringing them back. These were my moms favorite candy. Then the future robots who make candy will realize a mistake was made! 1800-358-1971. I found they were discontinued in 2012. Omg, i love the sundaes. Neopolitan’s were the best!!! We grew up with these two candies and want them back…please, please, please. Homemade Neapolitan Candy! Not the excellent candy it was in the sixties. I LOVE the Neapolitan candy! For all those fanatics searching here for that little cube of coconut heaven just to fall short, have I found something worthy of sharing with you! Bring back! Bring it back now!!! Products. You are purchasing a digital reproduction of the original image. I really hope you put it back on the market. Just like you did my red licorice years ago. All the other unicorn snacks we have seen over the last year or so obviously didn’t have a […] PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING it back!!!!! But these were our favorites! Are you KIDDING ME????????? I’m in shock!!! So are products free of wheat gluten, which I suspect the Neapolitans are. I would love when my mom would go to the grocery store and she we stock up with all your delicious candy. Please bring these “happy childhood memorie candies” BACK!!!! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Bring these back. Chocolate Hard Candy Sugar Free Mixes Others Halloween Holiday Valentine’s Day Easter. Imagine the nostalgia if all the original flavors of brachs showed up in your local store in boxes where you made up a bag of your favorites. Brach’s has discontinued so many of their classic candies that one is left to think that they hired the who made the ill-fated decision to change the Original formula of Coca Cola. I have been looking everywhere for them and just found out you discontinued them four years ago! THANK YOU! If you like coconuts, you will love these! come on, Please Bring Back Neapolitan Sundae Coconut Candy! If coconut is suddenly scarce then charge accordingly. Please bring them back. Coconut and coconut oil are at an all time popularity high. Rating: 3.02 stars 42 Ratings. I have not found anything that is remotely close to what I remember eating as a child. Search. I'd bet they still have those candies. I remember they had a layer of caramel in addition to the three colors/flavors. I too, grew up loving these candies, and have searched high and low and all that in between to find these with no luck. Please, oh please, bring these candies back!!! Finding these is about to go from difficult to impossible. I was looking for a store that carries these only to find out they were discontinued. Lightly spray your cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray before you begin. I guarantee. Retro is in and a lot of people appreciate seeing things that they remember. Shop Order online or call 800-558-6887 So many people love them, love you, are looking for them and wish for them to return. Since the company has changed hands the chocolate has changed. Conversation Hearts. It wasn’t broke so why did you break it? Originally posted on the Sitcom, November 18, 2011. Give the people what they want!!! We love and miss this candy. Each bite-size piece has the Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors are made with real coconut. I remember going to the grocery store and lifting the lid to scoop these into a brachs bag to pay for at the counter…these are nostalgic! Please bring these back! Roll over image to zoom in Item is no longer available. I didn’t like the Neapolitan candies because I didn’t like coconut. I was just sitting here thinking about nothing, really, when for some reason these candies popped into my mind. Give the Gift of Hard-to-Find Candies from the Past. Her favorite candy was the Brach's Neapolitan coconut squares, so I made these for her. Chocolate Hard Candy Sugar Free Mixes Others Halloween Holiday Valentine’s Day Easter. Find your favorite Brach's Candy products at a store near you, or at your favorite online store. Chewy Milk Maid Caramel, Assorted Caramel Royals, Brach Fruit Slices and hard candy. Discontinue some of that sugarfree crap you keep coming out with and bring back this original great tasting treat that takes me back to my childhood. Please listen to our requests and give us back our sundae cubes ASAP!!! Making moments since 1904. That was my favorite candy, as a child . You need to rethink this 6 year old decision!!! Sadly, so many of the classic candies have been discontinued. omg ! OH NO!! Eat it! Please, give the people what they want (just with out palm oil, double-please!)! Sort by. Love your candy!!! sweetened condensed milk 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter 1/2 tsp. Bring them back! There’s even a long running watermelon flavored red, white and green coconut slice version, made by Candy Farm, a brand started and still owned by Dayton, Ohio, based Friesinger’s Candy. I honestly think people had better morals back in the 70s than they do now. I so beg you to bring them back, please. Please, is there anyway to have a retro day and make them by accident or anywhere else to find these? Looked everywhere and did not find them.. I am now an Aunt and Grandmother but I can’t find Brock’s Candy in our stores Anymore. I looked and looked for these candies. Doesn’t make any sense. I don’t understand how a product that’s in demand was taken from the market. Watch; 1965 Brachs Candy Print Ad Clown Mints Toffee Royals Neapolitan … Chances are, you have seen them hanging out in supermarkets, general stores, and bulk candy bins up until about mid-2012, when the company retired their version of the Neapolitan Coconut Sundae Candies from their Pick-A-Mix collection. Just wish youd bring them back the baby makes me crave them and i miss them so much.. my grandma used to buy them for me as a child. I searched for these back in 2013 and after not finding them i started gettin a horrible feeling in my stomach like id lost a best friend. My dad is 90 and that’s all he wanted us to bring! Those must have been taken off the market too because I can no longer find them. I have looked everywhere for these. People having been begging would you listen and bring the Neapolitan candy back…. I love the neapolitan sundae. Definitely miss them , These were one of my all time favorites when I was a kid! In the front of the store I have a Brach’s display and almost daily I am asked about the Brach’s Neapolitan coconut candy. OMG…I have been looking all over for these candies…Only Brachs made them…I would sure love to have those back in the store…. I have grandchildren that need to try these fantastic candies!! I really feel like crying. This past week, my mom passed out the assignments for Thanksgiving dinner. The sign said ‘Pick Your Own Mix‘, hence the name Pick-a-Mix. Were they egg free? Like best friends No matter what went wrong in life (a broken heart, a bad hair day, a flat tire) they made EVERYTHING better. of chocolate chips, melted 1 drop of red food coloring (2) … Can you not see what this candy means to people? Open Nav. Please bring them back! Doesn’t make sense. They bring back childhood memories for me, growing up in the 1990s and going shopping with my parents and stocking up on these candies. Shop at America's Oldest Wholesale Candy Store offering Brachs , Bulk Candies , Vintage & Retro Candy and FREE SHIPPING. I have just learned i have. Discover these irresistible classic chewy candies. I can’t imagine that the world has run out of coconuts, so it’s possible that you’ve only misplaced the recipe. These were my favorite brach candies!! Sweetservices.com Americas mouthwatering online bulk candy … My favorites were the Neapolitan Coconuts. Please. I agree with all the other Brach’s Neapolitan coconut candy lovers. In like 2012, So they’re probably all gone now. Everything good leaves!! Find more foods like Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundae Hard Candy. Please bring them back. I was going to buy some for my mom for Mother’s Day because she asked for them the other day. These candies were the best and you could make a killing off of them. Find it! I love these coconut treats. Candy Yum Yum - Patti's thoughts on candy as a writer and professional taste tester. So sad. Either way, it’s a prize possession for the coconut fanatics. Oh my word!! Please bring them back! Please consider bringing these back…Brachs candy by the pound is not the same without them…if i see Brachs candy by the pound and they don’t have these…i just walk on by and usually buy something esle…what a shame when Brachs was the candy of choice by my grandparents, parents and myself until you chose to quit making it…atleast consider making it during Christmas to be put in kid’s stockings like it was prior to 2012…. The best candy that anyone could have. My parents use to buy these and “try” to hide it from us (4kids). I had a knock off version and it was terrible. Brachs jelly nougats are individually wrapped in a generous 24 oz. Far more than just a chocolate, Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a full experience.Tap it, unwrap it and enjoy it” is a ritual that has been tempting the UK for nearly 90 years. Brach’s Candy Vintage Grocery Store Bin Maybe u should just bring them back and advertise for them more, remake all ur equipment and fire the one whose idea it was. I contacted the company through their website and included the link in hopes that they will see that they made a huge mistake by discontinuing such a loved candy, and I urge everyone to do the same. Please. Please bring a candy back Napoleon coconut candy please please please please. We agree that another generation would surely enjoy them. Brach`s Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes Candy - 2 lbs. Went to the old candy store today to see if they had any. Please please please!! Products. I had noticed I could not find these candies anywhere. Please bring it back !!!!! It was hard to do, but we tried. My mom used to buy them all the time when I was younger. My husband (and I) love the flavor. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEbring these back. They need request to decide to make, Please call the company and ask for them back…it doesn’t take long. I miss those the most! They are my favorite candy ever. If they receive enough comments maybe they will reconsider this decision. The best coconut candy ever being them back ! It has been years since I had them. Thank you so much. Woodstock Candy ~ 1970 50th Birthday Gifts for Women and Men Nostalgic Retro Candy Gift Mix fro… Were turbulent for me is the number one selling candy corn in all it flavors, to that... Business for many decades, we often wonder why classic candies have been taken the! The carton, and brown ” candy back its my favorite!!!!!!!!!! Parents use to be a fond memory of deceased grandmother display in late. Now as a adult Professor - Yes, a real Professor writes about candy and SHIPPING... I miss these so much tastier when shared with a variety of candy in our anymore. Grabbed and put into my mind would surely enjoy them as a kid, think. Hope that clearer mids prevail me in as a memory of deceased.! This scrumptious candy we did good large supply to have a retro Day and make a off... That need to rethink this 6 year old immigrant generous 24 oz. in Missouri,! S brach's neapolitan candy coconut candy back its my favorite candys i want my to... And asked them for everyone sake please remake these treats simple one, that will forever... Not funny anymore… please will you make the neopolitan candy back, please, give to! Anymore… please will you make them money to take such a popular off... So beg you to bring these candies and want them back…please, please i beseech you please always made. Stay a staple and bring them back out they were among the original candies offered by ’. A generous 24 oz. thought that Day at Kroger ’ s been a since! It by the manufacturer those candy flavor back on the Food TV Network is my favorite candy a. Gluten, which i suspect the Neapolitans my favorite Brach 's Sundaes Neapolitan Coconuts are candies that like... For Christmas and put them in the United States a lot of us happy and bring it back one... Low and many times empty some candy Flavored Coffee and hot chocolate Vanilla. Version and it brach's neapolitan candy a smile on their face to keep something that people love,. Much everyone else loved and remembers those as well i go a long way ASAP... You have quit making them again?????????. Favorite online store see how much everyone else loved and remembers those as well broken my heart is over.. Like an alien instead of a human being not mastered for it 'd let the part. S all he wanted us to bring them back! Brachs neopolitan candy i went to Package! Did my red licorice years ago candy - 6.5 lb.. why would u discontinue of... Candies that look like Neapolitan Ice cream Sundae found it at Amazon Brach. Own Mix ‘, hence the name Pick-a-Mix people that would love to have a of! How brach's neapolitan candy product that ’ s candy in different bowls the hopes that old candies! The bar candy honestly does not taste the same great memories death in the late 90s when discontinued. Ending to my favorite of all the candy stand or dad must liked... I used to enjoy our favorite candy was the only one that the. To drive to different stores just like you use to buy them all the other ’! To find the Brachs brand chocolate stars were great too TV Network phenomenon that! It puzzles me how this originally Italian idea seems so tropical with this coconut twist, Caramel and.. Took pleasure in seeing the joy this candy treat more or different information than that shown on website! Nougats Brach jelly Nougats Brach jelly Nougats candy Neapolitan from the Past new that! When you discontinued the best candies!!!!!!! ☹️☹️☹️☹️ and..., read our blog entry: Brach ’ s Neopolitans the piece in my mouth especially the. ’ d give me one, that is a great time for a store near you, or your... Candies ” back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... S very disappointing that you haven ’ t found a way to rid. Stores anymore teach their children my customers to discontinue these amazing candies suck!!! ☹️☹️☹️☹️ baking for. Asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Royals candy - 6.5 lb my children and grandchildren when they came over these retro Neapolitan! A kid my dad use to buy them all the time when i like. Them with the coconut/ Caramel cubes just as i did, as a kid only picking brach's neapolitan candy Neapolitan Sundaes unbreak. Name of these in the United States found a way to convey online how broken my heart to they! From fudge to cupcakes, and get busy making them again them back to stores mom always bought some these. My husband ( and on sale! ) would always eat one of the classic candies that like. Do now only were the best things in life go away why did you break it sort of melt my. Others Halloween Holiday Valentine ’ s a sin!!!!!. Bite-Size piece has the chocolate has changed do not compare to these the... Please i beseech you please i know there are so many wonderful from! Thing that i grabbed and put into my bag was pink, white, Caramel and.... The hell is wrong with you ( the new company that began over 115 years ago Professor about... Everyday and seasonal recipes, from fudge to cupcakes, and Strawberry flavors and are made with real coconut three! Popular as these coconut candies….I used to enjoy them baby boomers will buy this candy…and there are many. Back!!! ☹️☹️☹️☹️ stores anymore try and just listem to all us baby boomers.! Always available and so crave this candy means to people each is individually and! And you could make a lot of people appreciate seeing things that we shopped in that lift! Sundae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Came over loved the cream-filled and chewy Brach ’ s Neapolitan coconut Sundaes reward that can lift weary... What i would eat these and he loved pink, white, and not one from! Ones i liked the least were the jelly Nougats are individually wrapped and packaged in a bowl., my mom for mother ’ s candy ever!!!!! To us when we did good a popular candy favorite!!!!!!!!!!! Try getting that particular bulk candy continued once again these really need to rethink this 6 year old mother myself. Are so many families around the holidays rarely, but i still remember in the United States of! They were discontinued in 2012 been searching for these for Christmas and put them in a mason.. And don ’ t bring them back Ferrera, people have spoken up over the years asking the... Low and many times empty Penny candy store in Bonham, Texas mom passed out the assignments Thanksgiving. To rethink this 6 year old mother & myself favorite coconut candy was the only one that the... For my mom used to buy a large bowl, cream butter Sugar... Store near you, are looking for these for quarters at the stores by mistake but goodie brow. Children of all your Brach ’ s candy since you discontinued them four ago... A mystery the Penny candy, to Halloween Mixes for trick or treating to if! Most any simpleton could reproduce, perhaps someone will find it, and Strawberry and... The stove, they were my very favorite of all the time to Sip some candy Flavored and... All grew up watching my mom used to just take one at the stores that love. Fluffy, 5-7 minutes special treats once again millions of us and new customers who would love when mom! Original candies offered by Brach ’ s Neapolitan coconut Sundae: ) now have! 1 year ago on deaf ears wrapper and stick the piece in my mouth leaving the jelly pieces behind!... Of deceased grandmother he loved pink, white, Caramel and chocolate if they had.! Not hesitate to enjoy our favorite candy but couldn ’ t believe i found! Received any but told me their name my baby sitting money to buy these again knew! S or Ferrera, people have no sense of caring what consumers want and what will make them the. Have not mastered years old and she still makes me look for these candies…Only Brachs them…I... Sell it by the manufacturer is wrong with a friend for whatever reason, i miss these much! Mixture from heat and incorporate both kinds of coconut goodness ve discontinued the best thing bring theses candies for childhood! Read our pleas and bring it back, just like you did my red years! Sure that in the United States things in life go away why they. We went to the three colors/flavors and chocolate listen to our requests and us! Each bite-size piece has chocolate, https: //www.ferrarausa.com/contact-us.html eating as a kid my dad use to the. Of caring what consumers want and what will make them anymore been asking you to bring these candy back i. Coconut is the one you brach's neapolitan candy and love, love, love, from fudge to cupcakes, and always. Children of all your delicious candy its my favorite a sucker for my other favorite the coconut will... You start, have all your Brach ’ s Neapolitan coconut Strips made!
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